Coastal Psychological Group offers a wide range of evaluations for adults and children. A complete evaluation includes an intake session, full assessment, and feedback session. Please contact our office if you feel that you, or your child, could benefit from an evaluation.


Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, can influence a range of behaviors. Impulsivity, easily distracted, rushing through tasks are a few symptoms someone with ADHD may experience. Hyperactivity and/or Inattention are both a part of an ADHD diagnosis and discovering what type of ADHD you, or your child may be experiencing, allows for quality, informed treatments.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopment disorder that can impact an individuals global functioning. Autism Spectrum Disorder can influence, social interactions, communication, behaviors, and areas of interest. Clarifying an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is vital to early interventions.

Learning Disabilities

Identifying and understanding what you, or child, may be experiencing can be invaluable. A learning disability assessment can be conducted for those people who could benefit from additional support, in both personal and academic settings. Learning disabilities can vary from person to person so it is important to have a comprehensive evaluation that can give a clear picture of what challenges an individual my be encountering.

Gifted & IQ

Assessing a persons intellectual strengths, as well as, areas to focus on, is an important piece of learning. Many gifted programs for children require an intellectual assessment and an evaluation for gifted abilities allows for appropriate educational opportunities. Gifted testing can also shed light on behavioral difficulties an individual may be experiencing in the school or work setting. Gifted testing is also offered to adults.

Personality and Emotional

Personality and emotional assessments are offered to those adults or children that may need clarification in those areas.